Shadows of San Francisco

Chapter 5

In which Mark makes his debut and we meet The Green Queen


The Story So Far

For those who might be interested but don’t have time to watch several hours worth of gaming sessions, here’s a recap of the shenangans going on in the game. We’ll be (hopefully) coming back after a 2 week lull next Tuesday.

The players:
Betty Rage, ogre roller derby girl
Orla, thyrsus physical therapist
Riley, elemental Bay tour guide
Paladin, obrimos ex-cop freelancer
Ava, obrimos violinist
Lisle, beast detective for SFPD
and soon, a wizened changeling, stepping in to fill Lisle’s empty seat.

Chapter 1: It begins with Riley, walking in Golden Gate Park when her vision is clouded and she finds herself standing on the Golden Gate bridge, watching chaos unfold before her, with Orla as the focus. The vision fades and she calls Orla at her therapy studio, who is confused but then suddenly struck with her own vision. This vision features Betty, who stumbles out of bed into discarded beer cans to answer her phone. Betty has a vision of Paladin, Paladin has a vision of Lisle…

This chain continues, until each of the PCs has shared the experience. They meet up at Orla’s studio to hash out the details and meet those they don’t know, then all make a quick drive over to the bridge, which was featured in several of their visions. The bridge is fine, but Paladin’s mage sight reveals strands of fate tied between them and the bridge.

They decide to retreat to a local haunt to sort things out further and hopefully find someone who can help them solve some pieces of this puzzle.

Chapter 2: The PCs descend upon The Weird Bar, a supernatural-friendly hangout hidden below a pirate-themed bar in the City. There, they make some deals at the small goblin market, chat with Monica (a vampire) and Old Man Tarantula (a changeling), from whom they learn that their next step will be to hunt down Trey, a nosferatu who knows a thing or three about visions. Ava is also here, has a vision of her own, and we learn that violinists do not appreciate being lifted (without consent, we presume).

Chapter 3: The PCs manage to track Trey down to her boat near Fisherman’s Wharf. Trey’s a hipster, and spends most of their conversation looking down her nose through her thrifted glasses at them. She says she’ll help if they bring her some gifts from the Green Market, where vampires are not allowed. Haggling ensues, and the PCs reluctantly trudge off to the market.

Chapter 3.5: In which Orla and Betty miss the mark somehow when crossing the doorway into the market and end up in some odd corner of the Hedge, where they find trees marked with mage sigils, a garden of goblin fruits, and barely escape before some briarwolves make lunch of them.

They stumble out into the market, have an argument with the security hobs, and then Orla follows Betty to the nearest alcohol vendor.

Chapter 4: The rest of the PCs make their way through the Green Market (located conveniently in a warehouse on one of the City’s many piers). They first attempt to haggle for weathered looking book with a darkling changeling whose mien is one of a plague doctor. When that doesn’t go quite the way they’d hoped, they wander into a commune-type camp where they find Bobby, a mastigos, in his bigger-on-the-inside tent.

Bobby’s helpful, but redirects them to Willow, who has a smaller tent where she does tarot readings. Willow agrees to help, if the PCs will bring her some pelts from hedgebeasts she says she expects them to encounter soon. She also gives them some potentially helpful info, suggesting that their visions sound like they were tied to the Wyrd, somehow, and that this suggests to her an old myth about three witches, that is the subject of some debate among magely circles.

And now you’re all up to date!

What a Strange Short Trip

In which Orla and Betty get lost!


Chapter 4

In which the Green Market makes its debut!

SSF — C4

Chapter 3

In which Trey is located and he makes some odd demands.

SSF — C3

Chapter 2

In which The Weird Bar makes its debut and shenanigans happen therein.

SSF — C2

Chapter 1

In which a strange thing starts happening to our PCs and hijinks ensue.

SSF — C1

Setting The Stage

In which we do a bit more PC prep-work before the official game begins.


Building A Better Sandbox

In which we do a bit of worldbuilding.


Spring Casting Call

In which we meet some changeling PCs (and their players) and engage in some nerdy chit chat.



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