The Green Queen


Her Majesty is an oddity. Many goblin markets are autonomous, a strange mixture of anarchy and questionable democracy. Not hers.

She rules over the The Green Market and is the final arbiter of all that goes on there. But she rules with the proverbial velvet glove. She knows all the vendors, or can rely on someone in her entourage knowing them. Not one vendor mistakes her demeanor for kindness, though. It’s still her realm, and rules are enforced.

Her history prior to arriving in San Francisco is the subject of speculation, but after that it’s fairly clear: She and her companion – The Grey King – immediately began initiating complex schemes to take over the city. Their own rivalries undid their plans, though, and they turned their view to the goblin market (the only one in the Bay Area at the time).

Their rivalries flared again and nearly destroyed the market completely. A contract was forged, and each took their loyal segments of vendors and hobs to establish separate markets. The Queen built hers up to become a powerful force in its own right in the City, and has maintained her hold on it through both politics and wielding the right amount of power in the right places.

Whether she ever plans to return from whence she came, or if she is even able to, is unknown.

The Green Queen

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