Alternate Histories and Heresies of Lore

Among the mages and changelings of San Francisco, there is a never ending dialogue that engenders lively debates about the shared histories of their past.

There are camps that hold to differing opinions, naturally. But some notions seem more likely than others.

  • The True Fae once walked freely upon Earth.
  • These Fae were the monsters in the dark. They were the Gods who ruled from on high (and low). They were the elements made flesh, the spirits, angels, demons, and more. They bent the will of mortals and reaped their fear, awe, and servitude.
  • This began to change when the Dragons sought out mortals where once only the Fae had reigned: in dreams, and when the Awakened began to learn the trick of shaping the world.
  • When the Celestial Ladder fell, most of the Fae retreated into Arcadia.
  • Arcadia is Arcadia.

That these ideas may hold a kernel of truth does not mean they are not questioned, of course.

Alternate Histories and Heresies of Lore

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