History of the Changelings in the Bay Area

The story goes like this. When Sir Francis Drake left behind some of his crew in the bay area, among them were a small handful of the Lost. They had hoped to escape the Gentry in England by shipping out with Captain Drake. What they didn’t expect to find was that the people of this continent were haunted and hunted as well.

The Others took different forms and different names, here. But their hallmarks were all the same. The changelings even discovered kin among the tribes who roamed the coastal lands. It was Drake’s changelings who organized the Freehold of Nova Albion. The native people had a different attitude towards things. Some of them still do. But as the cultures mingled, more of them joined up and helped guide the direction the Freehold would eventually take.

Through the decades, the Freehold has had many homes and has fluctuated wildly in size, mirroring the changes in the Bay Area. At some points its members numbered in the dozens. At other times, only a handful. The changelings themselves argued fiercely over how much of a presence to keep and how centralized it should be. Other Freeholds sprung up around the Bay. Some persist to the present day. Others joined Nova Albion. A few were discovered and destroyed by Gentry or other enemies of the lost.

San Francisco’s freehold emerged in its current form in the late 60s, during the height of counter-culture, when many changelings found it easier to move among the people of the city.

History of the Changelings in the Bay Area

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