Minor Changeling NPCs

Spring Court

  • Ani Stasia: A kithless fairest, she has dark hair streaked with silver, and large pitch-black eyes.
  • Grimes: An earthbones elemental who floats from squat to squat in the Oakland Area. Has ‘friends’ who have been to the Grey Market.
  • Jes: A stonebones ogre who prefers athletic clothing, she failed an attempt to gain the position of Herald of Spring.
  • Misty: A sweet waterborn elemental.
  • Tom: A windwing beast, considering fealty to the Winter Court after being abducted.

Summer Court

  • Alec Gee: A darkling razorhand, fierce but patient.
  • Bobby: A metalflesh elemental, full of bluster.
  • Kate: A fairest draconic/levenquick (thunderbird).
  • Loony: A truefriend beast (wolf), a prideful MMA fighter.
  • Montague: A fairest incubus, brother to Capulet.
  • Rip: A shadowsoul fairest, bold and sarcastic.

Autumn Court

  • Dirt: One of Bode’s proxies. A darkling tunnelgrub/miner.
  • Hops: A temporarily homeless wizened brewer.

Winter Court

  • Capulet: A fairest succubus/romancer, she frequents the Albion and the nearby streets. Sister to Montague.
  • Derek (aka “Spidey”): A skitterskulk beast, likes to play billiards.

Minor Changeling NPCs

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