Prax Soteira

Soft hearted musician


Musical child prodigy and native San Franciscan. She was abducted while on trip to the opera with friends, and dragged into earth by fae. Came back to find fetch in her place, ran away & became homeless.

No sense of personal space. Close talker. Has a taste for pork, especially carnitas burritos, and a dislike of close spaces, particularly underground ones.

Prax has long black hair & eyes with white skin that shades to black at extremities. Her ears are pointed and her eyelashes are feather-like. Red horn-like growths sprout from her forehead, and pale in color when Prax is upset. She has scars on her forearms from the cage of ebony wood and glass thorns she was kept in during her captivity underground. She has elaborate tattoos of skulls, sheaves of wheat, roses, and pomegranates. Tends to loose, layered clothing, usually black in color and full of holes and safety-pinned tears, and her prize possession is a black acoustic guitar with stars painted on the neck. Pinterest board is here.

Prax Soteira

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