Spring Court

  • Holly: A cleareyes beast (owl) who works the night shift at the front desk at The Albion Hotel.
  • Pirouette: A fairest dancer who works the day shift at the front desk at The Albion Hotel.
  • Aribelle: A treasured fairest, former Herald of the Spring Court. She’s almost insatiably social, a tad ingratiating, and a bit haughty now and then. She’s also intensely loyal to Harmony, but is currently missing.

Summer Court

  • Jarl: The lanky ogre troll who takes measure of those who cross the Bay Bridge.
  • Tooth and Claw: Two beast (mouse and hawk, respectively) changelings who run a weapons booth at The Green Market. They’re SCA members & have some disdain for “D&D nerds”.

Autumn Court

  • Max: A leechfinger darkling, one of Bode’s proxies. A gaunt, pale fellow.
  • Huron: A hunterheart beast (stag), one of Bode’s proxies. The silent type.

Winter Court


  • “Bast”: A true friend beast who was steered away from living at the The Albion Hotel and now hangs around Edward (see below).
  • Edward: A runnerswift beast (dog), new to San Francisco. Currently a resident of The Albion Hotel.
  • Bruce: A burly ogre render who has some history with Princess. (Previously: “Igor”.)
  • Princess: A crystalline treasured fairest who lives in a castle-like house on Twin Peaks. Claims to share the house with someone named Tabitha.


  • Baba: An ogre woman with a curiosity about body parts.

The Green Market

  • Radiance: A fairest bright one who works in the The Green Queen’s court, and “keeps an eye on things” for Her Majesty.
  • Iggy: A gravewright/antiquarian darkling who owns a stall where he sells odd, grim curios. His prices can be a bit steep.

The Grey Market

  • Atticus: A draconic fairest that used to run most of the slavery ring at the Grey Market. DECEASED
  • Jezzara: A shadowsoul fairest, who operates a smaller slaving business and seems to specialize in male slaves.

Soko Freehold

  • Kasumi: A fairest muse/chimera (kirin) liason for the Motoyama family of the freehold in Japantown. She swears fealty to the Court of the West.
  • Akihiro: A beast riddleseeker (tengu), head of the Motoyama freehold family.
  • Aiko: A beast cleareyes/mirrorskin (kitsune) from the Motoyama freehold Family.
  • Hideo: An oni ogre from the Motoyama freehold Family.


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