Experience Point Costs

World of Darkness

Attriubte: New dots x5
Skill: New dots x3
Skill Specialty: 3 experience points
Merit: New dots x2
Willpower: 8 experience points1



Goblin Contract: New dots x3
Affinity Contract: New dots x42
Non-affinity contract: New dots x6
Wyrd: New dots x8
Clarity: New dots x3


Ruling Arcana: New dots x63
Common Arcana: New dots x7
Inferior Arcana: New dots x8
Rote: 2 points per dot4
Gnosis: New dots x8
Wisdom: New dots x3

1 Experience points can be spent on Willpower only to restore dots lost through sacrifice.

2 Affinity is determined by the character’s seeming and/or Court. All changelings have affinity with Contracts of Dream, Hearth, Hours, Mirror, Omen, Reflection, and Smoke. The contracts of Moon are not available in this campaign.

3 The categories of Ruling, Common, and Inferior are determined by the character’s Path.

4 Rotes are rated by the highest Arcanum dot used.

art via: Onyx Path tumblr

Experience Point Costs

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