History of the Mages in the Bay Area


Mages were present before Drake arrived. Western style cabals did not arrive, however, until the mid-1800’s, just after the Gold Rush transformed the area from a small settlement to a boomtown.

The first cabal did not last long. Only one member survived the early years of lawlessness and chaos in the city. Seeking protection, he made a deal with the eldest of the Lost. This woman, who is described only as having the face of a silver-furred fox, crafted a pledge with the mage that would grant both changelings and awakened alike safety and protection. With more sleepers came more awakened in the West and soon after the Pledge was made, a new cabal was formed, followed by others. Some laid low in the Barbary Coast, while others attempted to help shape the growth of the city, and some sought only to exploit the area and find new sources of mana.

As the cabals grew, they drew attention from awakened among the native people. With their insight into the land, the more pragmatic mages from the East coast eventually established the Consilium.

illustration via: Bradford Telegraph and Argus

History of the Mages in the Bay Area

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