The Silver Ladder

The Adamantine Arrow

The Mysterium

The Guardians of the Veil

The Free Council

  • Sloth, The: A middle-aged Mastigos who embraces the video game and cartoon pop culture of the 1980s with a modern and arcane eye.


  • Bobby: An apostate mage on the Mastigos path who owns a pavilion in the Commune area of the Green Market. It’s not known what he does there, apart from enjoying the company he attracts and keeping his changeling bartender busy. He really likes rugs.
  • Willow: A young-looking woman who is a vendor at the Green Market, where she (mainly) sells fortunes and minor charms at the Commune. She is an apostate magus on the Acanthus path.


  • The Three: In magical (and sleeper) lore they surface again and again. The three witches. The three fates. Maiden. Mother. Crone.

The first, an Thyrsus mistress of Life.
The second, an Acanthus Fate witch.
The third, a Moros sorceress of Death.

Their sanctum does not exist in the Fallen World. One must seek them out by journeying beyond this realm.


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