Other Supernaturals


The Green Market

  • Flitswitch: One of the many biting fairies at The Green Market. Personal assistant to The Green Queen.
  • Ol’ Mackie: A goblin knife dealer. Missing an eye.
  • Hans: A kobold merchant who works at a booth near the Hedge trod. Likes “troubles”.

The Grey Market

  • ?

The Hedge

  • Grizzle, The Bear: A sentinel of sorts, encountered near the marshlands.
  • Cairenn: A selkie, found missing her skin and stranded in the marshlands.



  • The Woman of Stow Lake: A spirit who has existed in Golden Gate Park for 100 years or more. Little is known about her, apart from the wide-spread knowledge that she somehow lost her child at the lake.

Other / Unknown

  • Nyx: A creature that appears to be a young girl of about 13-14 years old. Encountered at Golden Gate Park.
  • A large gray creature with wings that abducted Edward.

Other Supernaturals

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