The Albion Hotel

ClassicwtitalThe Albion has been around a while. It wasn’t always a haven for Lost, but it has been for as long as most of the current population of changelings can remember.

The hotel is a shy, modest, modified Victorian in the Mission District. The facade is white, but it hasn’t had a paint job and parts are fading to grey, which prompts occasional comparisons to the rocks off the shore that attract flocks of seagulls.

The main purpose of The Albion is to provide temporary housing to transient Lost or Lost who need to lay low for a while, especially those who’ve just stumbled out of the Hedge. The business is funded by the Freehold, specifically, the Spring Court.

The front desk staff is primarily two changeling women. Holly works the nightshift, while Pirouette works days.

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The Albion Hotel

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