The Council


Official Positions


  • La Clé: The Hierarch. A steel-willed Acanthus mage, and a Mystagogue of the Mysterium.
  • Archon: A haughty Obrimos, and a Théarch of the Silver Ladder.
  • Cyberdelia: A clever Acanthus mage, and a Libertine of the Free Council.
  • Endymion: An unflappable Thyrsus mage, and a Libertine of the Free Council.
  • Megaera: A righteous Mastigos, and a Talon of the Adamantine Arrow.


  • Alecto: Megara’s provost. A Mastigos, and a Guardian of the Veil.
  • Charon: Archon’s provost. A Moros mage of the Adamantine Arrow.
  • Orin: Endymion’s provost. An Obrimos of the Silver Ladder.
  • Pandora: Cyberdelia’s provost. An Acanthus of the Free Council.
  • Xeno: La Clé’s provost. A Mastigos of the Mysterium.


  • Raziel: Acanthus: Silver Ladder


  • Magistos: Adamantine Arrow
  • Obrimos: Adamantine Arrow
  • Moros: Guardians of the Veil

Unofficial Positions


  • Obrimos: Mysterium
  • Mastigos: Free Council

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The Council

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