The Green Market


At one point in the last couple hundred years, there was a single, transient goblin market that wandered around the bay with a (somewhat) regular schedule. It would find its way to San Francisco twice a year. Before that, the market had to be sought out by those desiring to trade there. Before that, there was no market.

Then the King and Queen arrived in the first half of the 1900s, and the market split into two. The Queen’s Green Market is generally recognized as more friendly, but it is still a goblin market and those who trade there would do well to keep their wits about them. Both lost and awakened are welcome to shop and sell here.

The Market now resides within what was once one of the many warehouse piers along the Embarcadero.

Wares and Works

One can find a wealth of wonders at the Queen’s Market.

  • Many and varied clothing vendors.
  • Odds and ends of both fae and arcane origin.
  • Fresh food (of occasionally dubious origin), including (of course) Goblin Fruits.
  • Pets both mundane and magical.
  • An old fashioned arcade with games of chance.
  • Jobs done and needing doing!
  • Goblin barbers and chirurgeons.
  • A guarded Trod into the hedge, and vendors willing to buy and trade goods and services before you go in, and (Fates willing) when you return.

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The Green Market

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