The Underground

As some rumors have it, while the city was built up from the marshy shorelines, and before the threat of earthquakes was taken more seriously, an elaborate tunnel system was established between houses of the wealthy. Some say this is connected to the secret societies that moved through the city as it grew (such as what would eventually become the Bohemian Club, or the Masons). Others say the city leaders had plans that never came fully to fruition.

Regardless of what you (do or do not) believe, the rumor persists. What might be found in these supposed tunnels, or whether anything at all remains of them after the ‘06 and ’89 earthquakes, is anyone’s guess.

Ships in the Darkness

abandoned-boats-6.jpg Among the rumored tunnels, it is said, underneath the shorefront, hulks of old ships linger and continue to be used much as they were when they were left, abandoned, in the harbor over a hundred years ago.

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The Underground

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